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10 February 2010 @ 12:33
Fanfiction Challenge  
The first ten people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

Open to all. Hopefully, this will help me kick the writer's block that has settled down inside my head. I will write the fandoms that I have listed as my interests in my profile. You can write a prompt if you want to, as it'll be very helpful for me if they are from the anime / manga fandoms. Obviously, I will be most pleased if you chose from one of the British TV shows. :) You can even ask for semi smut if you want to, I currently reside in the grey area between T(eenager) and M(ature). [In other words timelady2, I will not write full blown smut. Yet.]

I want to be mean and say 06seconds_left is not allowed to request one until she writes the Good Omens drabble I ask for, but I won't. :D And do please be kind and patient, I might take a while. It's been months since I wrote Walk in on Me Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

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han06seconds_left on 5th February 2010 09:09 (UTC)
I'm sorry! I'll get it done soon! I'll write it over the weekend! You'll see it as soon as possible. Okay?

Haha. Our interest are so different. I don't wanna ask for Good Omens since I'm writing that. And you don't know Vimes yet, so I can't ask for that either.


Series: Harry Potter
Character: Severus Snape
Prompt: The Potters

timelady2: Harry Nikki layout roomtimelady2 on 5th February 2010 16:55 (UTC)
[In other words timelady2, I will not write full blown smut. Yet.] *looks innocent* Who me? ;)

Series: Silent Witness (Surprise surprise)
Characters:Harry, Nikki, Leo (yes all of them)
Prompt: Rope (;))
Any rating you want, I don't mind :D
silentwitnessluvalias_obsessed on 6th February 2010 14:49 (UTC)
Ok so
Silent Witness obviously
Pairings- Harry/Nikki....i do not read anything else....and i dont wanna see a threesome between harry, nikki and leo. Leo naked...not a pretty image. :)

Prompt- ok i have a few for you to choose from...
-Harry 'Im not sure ive ever had sex in the back of my car'
-Harry's desk
-Locker room
-Cup a soup
Bex: addisoncrimson_tidebex on 6th February 2010 19:47 (UTC)
Harry/Nikki :D :D Will promise to post (maybe after reminding ahah).
Prompt - Running in the rain/thunderstorm. :D
view_er1view_er1 on 7th February 2010 23:06 (UTC)
As per your request I am posting this in your journal..
I would really like you to do a fan fic on Harry and Nikki..and of course what else but Harry/Nikki loving....(thoroughly needed after the ridiculous Home episode)...