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15 January 2010 @ 01:50
I finally made a fanvid.  
And then DalekTube decides to be mean. First, a copyright claim for using Anyone Else But You that results in the audio being muted. So I spent a whole morning searching for an alternative song that fits the video, since I created the video around the music, not the other way round. I'm quite satisfied with the end result, even though I'm still irked. Sigh.

About 3 more hours until the new eppie of Silent Witness airs. Harry's going to be mean to Nikki though, and I do not approve. Why is Harry having a personality transplant again? I mean, his personality was excusable in Series 6, but to bring back the fact that he likes to sleep with recently widowed women annoys me. I don't want to hate Harry, but lizzy_copycat might be just right in saying the staunch supporter of Harry (aka me) starts wavering with this blatant stupidity of his. :|

In other words, there better be a lot of UST in Voids tonight, apart from Harry being an arse towards Nikki and referencing something to Jane Eyre which I did not quite catch in the trailer.
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lizzy_copycat: [sw] not immature at alllizzy_copycat on 14th January 2010 18:17 (UTC)
i'm trying to decide if i should call him harry 3.0 or "the downgrade". lol.

and, hey, don't feel bad. if nikki pulled a stunt like that i would be less than supportive, too. shut up about the paramedic. he was hot and she dumped him when his douchery surfaced, leave her alone. lol.
Jaded Skyesinmyjadedskye on 14th January 2010 18:28 (UTC)
Actually, I thought the paramedic was kinda hot as well, but timelady2 insistence that he is ugly has rubbed off onto me.
lizzy_copycatlizzy_copycat on 14th January 2010 18:31 (UTC)
i'm just headed out for the night, but tomorrow i will trawl the internet for pics to bring you back to my way of thinking. ;) (or, y'know, you could just watch the bedroom scene again. lol.)
Jaded Skyes: Nikkiinmyjadedskye on 14th January 2010 18:41 (UTC)
*shifty* I was fast-forwarding through Safe tonight. And I was just watching that bedroom scene 5 minutes before your first comment. -.-
lizzy_copycat: [bones] asplosionlizzy_copycat on 15th January 2010 00:09 (UTC)
for the sake of our lj-friendship, please tell me you didn't fast-forward through that scene. lol.
Jaded Skyes: Harry 3inmyjadedskye on 15th January 2010 01:15 (UTC)
Oh, my answer is so going to make you happy. I was re-watching Safe so that I can watch that scene again.
lizzy_copycat: [sw] i just have to laughlizzy_copycat on 15th January 2010 10:53 (UTC)
that's a good girl! lol.

does that mean i won't need to spam you with hot paramedic pics? ;)
Jaded Skyes: Hug 2inmyjadedskye on 15th January 2010 10:57 (UTC)
No, you don't have to. You can spam timelady though, I'm sure she'll appreciate them. (:
lizzy_copycatlizzy_copycat on 15th January 2010 10:58 (UTC)
lmao. her brain would explode. ;)
Jaded Skyesinmyjadedskye on 15th January 2010 11:00 (UTC)
And then Harry or Nikki can do a PM on her. It'll make her happy, I tell you. :P
lizzy_copycatlizzy_copycat on 15th January 2010 11:04 (UTC)
lol irl.

you're probably right. :D